29/03/2016 04:09:00
Groomsmen from left to right Phil North (cousin of the bride), Rob Partridge (cyclist), Dale Appleby (cyclist), Ian Stanard (cyclist), Ed Clancy (cyclist), Geraint Thomas   (groom), Reece Thomas (brother of the bride), Ian Middleton (best man), Alun Thomas (brother of the Groom), Ben Swift (cyclist), Rich North (cousin of the bride)Racing cyclist Geraint Thomas got married to his wonderful bride Sara last year in Wales. Unlike Geraint who is very fast on a bike, the wedding pictures were a little slower coming through. Since the wedding, he has gone on to win the prestigious Paris to Nice bike race.Since the wedding, he has gone on to win the prestigious Paris to Nice bike race.Having beaten Australian Richie Porte and Spaniard Alberto Contador into 2nd and 3rd place respectively it now raises the chance of a third British winner for the Tour de France and the first Welshman ever. When Geraint got married, he couldn’t find a venue for the wedding so he bought a grade 2 listed manor house for the event. This shrewd move has turned into a great business venture for the future. A wedding venue! How smart is that? He was equally smart choosing Jeff Banks as his bespoke wedding tailor. Not just for him and his father but Sara’s dad as well. Not just that, he turned to Jeff for all ten best men. Friends and fellow champions were amongst the honoured guest list. The suits were all made from super 110’s wool mohair fabric from Dormeuil. Geraint had a morning coat as well as a lounge coat for the ceremony but stuck to the morning coat into the early hours of the morning. Who knows, he might get to wear the lounge coat at the celebration party in Paris after he wins the Tour De France.