13/12/2013 10:57:00
Bespoke Suit winner Sergent Major Mark SullivanWith a newly refurbished store Jeff Banks turned up on the red carpet to cut the ribbon at the brand new shop fit.The branch ran two competitions for make overs and the two winners. Keith Turner and Mark Sullivan bowled up on time. Keith is a long term fan of Jeff Banks and regularly shops in the store but was surprised when Jeff styled in in a tweed blazer with matching waist coat and chino’s “my missus is never going to believe this” was his response. We couldn’t prize the clothes off him and he insisted on rushing off to meet the wife with his new George Clooney look.Competition winner Keith Turner Sergeant Mayor Mark Sullivan won a bespoke suit and turned up in military kit to be measured. “it’s always intimidating looking after a military man” said Jeff as they are always well turned out. Mark went for a navy herringbone fabric in a two button single breasted style. “Just the job for when I attend St James’s Palace on special duties” was Mark’s feelings about the suit.Gareth our visiting tailor will be making a home visit in about 6 weeks’ time to do a first fitting and will deliver the finished suit about 2 weeks after that.Gareth Beckwith, Ivan Scoble, Kelly Dobson