02/07/2012 05:34:00
Having created the uniforms for the winning bid committee in 2007 for Shanghai Jeff Banks knows a thing or two about winning outfits.The Belize Olympic committee have asked Jeff Banks to create their uniforms for the Olympic opening ceremony on July 27th, which will be watched by an estimated 1.5 billion people. They only have eight competitors so rank as the smallest nation at the games but are determined to stand out against some of the largest competitors in the world.“I used the Great Gatsby as my inspiration with a modern touch reflecting the Belize Caribbean sprit” said Jeff.Both men and women will wear Gatsby style blazers in the country national blue with white contrast edging. the men will wear pleat fronted white flannel trousers while the ladies will be wearing white flannel skirts that just touch the knee.Shirts and blouses are in blue and white stripe sea island cotton with white collars and ties and scarves in blue white and red national colours.Yvette Jelfs in Scotland hand blocked the panama hats for the men and panama cloches for the ladies both trimmed in the national colours. The blazers carry the national badge produced in gold plated wire by toy kenning & Spencer from Birmingham. One of the badges was recently presented to prince harry by chef-de mission, Mr. Owen Sonny Meighan on his recent visit to Belize.Precious feet are protected by specialty made white nubuck leather shoes for both men and ladies.Jeff has gifted his work to the Belize nation in the Olympic sprit of co-operation.