Tour De France Cyclists Get Suited Up By Jeff Banks

12/08/2015 12:53:00
Last month our flagship Jeff Banks Savile Row Store was pleased to welcome Tour De France cyclists Adam and Simon Yates. They made Tour De France history when they became the first British twins to ride in the race.To celebrate, Jeff Banks personally measured the twins for two made to measure suits, the first they have ever owned for the after-tour party.Their very first suits were created in the Savile Row store.In typical Jeff style, he welcomed and entertained the young twins. Jeff even asked them to choose three types of cloths separately to see which ones they would pick. Amazingly they both had chosen two of the same cloths!In attendance Sky Sports, BBC, The Express and various other cycling magazines and newspapers covered the event.By the end of the Tour De France Orca Greenedge finished with seven top-ten stage results with five to the Yates brothers.