Stressful commute? We've got it covered.

30/10/2013 11:15:00
Stressful commute? We’ve got it covered.Constant delays, that mad rush for the train and dodging those muddy puddles, and all before 9am on a Monday morning!Snifflers, slurpers and sneezers aside, it's essential your suit is up to the daily commuter challenge.A Jeff Banks Travel Plus suit carries the prestigious Jeff Banks Plus label. These suits have been designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of the commute and combine the highest performance in both fabric and construction – Perfect for living life on the move.High sustaining fabrics and weather proofing technology ensures you make it to your first meeting of the day looking just as good as you did in the hall mirror this morning. But as for a great meeting, well that's down to you!From just £165 for a 3-piece Travel Plus suit will withstand the full-to-bursting platforms and daily fight for a seat!Click here to get the look and browse our Jeff Banks Travel Plus suits -