11/03/2014 12:34:00
On Friday 6th March, the Randolph Hotel in Oxford played host to the SS14 Oxford Fashion Week’s Cosmopolitan Show. Attracting around 150 guests to see the eight brands being showcased in a journey of the imagination through a dreamland of candy pastels and cloudy whites before heading to a the chaotic, dark world of the nightmare which saw Jeff Banks suits take to the runway paired with Venetian style masks amongst the striking silhouettes. Founded in 2009, Oxford Fashion Week seeks to present a set of shows every year, which stretch the imagination and see their director’s present their ideas to the packed audiences. Directed by Gem Latimer, the Cosmopolitan Show was the third show of the week, with the glorious chandeliers of the Randolph Ballroom acting as the perfect backdrop. Four male models were head to toe Jeff Banks for the finale section of the show, highlighting a modern era in men’s suiting, where suit jackets and waistcoats can be worn with jeans, the epitome of sleek tailoring meeting the a more casual masculinity