23/07/2014 10:13:00
 The Jeff Banks travel suit with it's Nano-Technology finish has become renowned for it's high level of performance and endurance. How do you test it though? A letter from a customer in Bath answered the question! Archie, a cab driver, had bought a suit for those smart " airport jobs ". He was glowing with complements.We thought, excuse the pun, that we had to get under the bonnet. We dispatched a photographer to capture Archie wearing the suit.There is nothing like a test when something is taken to the limits. This is not a man who sits in an office and leaves the jacket over the back of a chair. This is not a man who makes the occasional train trip and confines the jacket to the luggage rack. This is a man who puts in twelve hour shifts six days a week. This is a man's man who punishes his clothes." I thought the suit was brilliant. It doesn't crease even if I'm at the wheel all day.""It's nice and light so you don't get hot and yet always look sharp. I had never heard of all this Nano stuff so when I read that liquids including coffee just roll off like water off a ducks back. Handy if you're grabbing a quick cuppa between jobs.Archie's a convert to Travel suit technology and it's good for business!" I had some Chinese customers a few weeks ago who wanted a round trip from Bath to Stonehenge and back. Nice job! I was all booted and suited looking sharp. They were so impressed that they insisted I have dinner with them when we got back to Bath. Great job and a free dinner thrown in!"Archie reckons he's going to invest in another couple of suits as they are paying dividends.Job done all round.